6 Design Styles To Consider For Your Custom Home

Building a custom home in Northern Colorado opens the door for a wide array of opportunities from size and location to features and design. To gather inspiration for paint colors or décor, you’ve probably spent time watching HGTV or scrolling through Pinterest, but in your search for the perfect features, you’ve likely noticed that your interests line up with a particular design style. The design style you choose for your custom home will play an influential role in the choices you make as you design your home.


A popular choice across Colorado, the Craftsman style home has many features that have remained recognizable for more than 100 years. Craftsman home are characterized by an architectural charm that is complemented with natural materials such as wood, stone, or brick. Low-pitched gable roofs with wide overhanging eaves, covered front porches, and exposed beams create the distinctive outer façade of a Craftsman, while built-in cabinetry, open floor plans, and custom handcrafted features set their interiors apart.

Modern Farmhouse

Inspired by the design of traditional farmhouses and redefined with elements of modern design, the Modern Farmhouse has significantly grown in popularity across the country. The Modern Farmhouse emphasizes the timeless warmth of a cozy country farmstead by integrating vintage details and contemporary accents. The quaint curb appeal of a Modern Farmhouse can easily be recognized by gable roofs, wood columns, white or natural colors, black or gray roofs, and large covered porches.


Designed to stay in line with the perceived architectural trends of the future, Modern homes originated as a stark contrast to the ornate architecture of the 19th century. Characterized by geometric shaping, strong lines, flat roofs and expansive windows, Modern design exteriors have transitioned throughout the eras, but have also remained consistent in its notable qualities. Modern style homes offer dramatic curb appeal, open floor plans, and an emphasis on function throughout the house.


Often confused with modern design, Contemporary style homes have many similar features and many other characteristics that set them apart. Designed to fit the individual, and possibly eclectic, vision of the homeowner, Contemporary architecture adapts to the trends of the current age while gathering inspiration from styles of ages past. These homes typically embrace a connection to outdoor spaces using a variety of sustainable and natural materials. Defining features of a Contemporary home include open floor plans, large windows, asymmetrical design, natural lighting, mixed materials, and natural forms.


The Transitional home is similar to the idea behind contemporary styles as it gathers inspiration from the various changes in design. Contemporary homes are influenced from past design, but they tend to air on a more modernized theme of architectural and styling, while Transitional homes offer a timeless fusion of classic and modern styles. In a transitional home, rich traditional elements such as crown molding and textured materials are merged with clean lines, neutral colors, and minimalism.

Coastal Modern

Not to be confused with the anchors and navy of a nautical theme, Coastal style homes are light and airy bringing a unique sophistication to beach-inspired design. Modern Coastal design emphasizes natural light and soft neutral tones to mimic the organic and textured tranquility of a waterfront without becoming the stereotypical representation of a beach-house. Coastal style homes are often characterized by wide wood planks, shingled facades, white fences, natural wood, and soothing colors.

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