With each new year, home automation grows and advances creating countless opportunities to integrate innovative technology into the design of your Northern Colorado custom home. Whether your goal is to ensure security, improve efficiency, or simply enhance comfort and convenience, NoCO Custom Homes offers experience and expertise in in smart home integration to create the home of your dreams.

Building a custom home allows you the flexibility to incorporate any type of technology to meet your individual needs and desires including these 8 innovative devices and many others.

1. Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are one of the most popular devices in smart home integration and one of many ways you can save energy in your custom home. With a digital, Wi-Fi enabled thermostat you can have better control of the heating and cooling system of your home. By installing a smart thermostat, you are able to adjust and control the temperature of your home from wherever you may be by simply logging onto a computer or through an app on your smartphone. They can be easily programmed to create a heating and cooling schedule that aligns with the needs and lifestyle of your family, but they also have unique algorithms that allow them to “learn” common activity patterns in your household and adapt settings accordingly. In addition, manufacturers predict that smart thermostats can save up to 10-15 percent on heating and cooling costs.

2. Smart Security Systems

Smart security systems are available in a range of options offering various levels of protection to fit the needs of your home with the convenience of digital access. You may choose to install a comprehensive system complete with indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras, motion sensors, door locks, and professional monitoring service. Or you may opt for something simpler such as a Ring Doorbell that allows you to see who is at the door without opening it or without even being home or a video camera system that you can monitor yourself from your smartphone. Regardless of what you need, there are a number of smart security and safety devices available that can be wired into your home before you even move in.

3. Smart Garage Door Openers

Smart garage door openers, such as MyQ from Liftmaster, provide you with real-time notifications each time your door is opened or closed and they also allow you to open or close the door from the app on your phone increasing both security and accessibility.

4. Smart Door Locks

Upgraded door locks are yet another way to add smart home integration into your custom design. With smart door locks installed on the interior and exterior doors of your home, you will be able lock and unlock doors or create virtual keys for guests all through real-time monitoring and access on a smartphone app.

5. Smart Leak Detection

The doors of your home aren’t the only system that can be monitored through smart technology. Leak detection systems such as Flo by Moen allow you to actively monitor and manage the plumbing system of your home. Using a network of sensors, daily testing, and innovative algorithms, these systems are installed on the main water supply and actively monitor the flow of water and the water pressure within your pipes to detect even the smallest leaks. Through an app on your phone, you receive real-time alerts on water leaks and reports on usage. It also allows you to shut off your water supply in the event of leak, even if you’re not home. With these devices, you can manage water usage, save money, and reduce the risk of costly water damage in the event of a leak.

6. Smart Lighting

Home automation also makes it possible for you to digitally control lighting within your home. Smart lighting systems including sockets, light switches, and bulbs that allow you to remotely turn lights on and off or adjust the brightness and color of the bulbs. Some smart light bulbs are even available with built-in sensors that will respond to the amount of natural light in the room or movement.

7. Smart Kitchen Appliances

In this day and age, smart home integration even extends to your kitchen appliances. Refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers can all come equipped with Wi-Fi connections allowing you to control the appliance from an app or using voice commands. You can even install a refrigerator with a built-in camera that makes it possible for you to see what you have in the fridge when you’re not home.

8. Smart Home Hubs

To maximize the luxury of your custom smart home, technology makes it possible for you to connect nearly any smart device within your home. With devices such as Amazon Echo with Alexa, you can control your individual smart devices using Bluetooth, voice-controlled speaker. Echo can be programmed to answer simple questions, play music, manage thermostat settings, or even control lighting.

To learn more about the possibilities for custom smart homes in Northern Colorado, call our team at NoCO Custom Homes today at (970) 581-0481.

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