How To Maximize Resale Value In Your Custom Home

For many people, building a custom home in Northern Colorado provides a unique opportunity to create a home that is carefully crafted to their individual needs and desires. For some, this home is designed to be their forever home where they plan to live for a lifetime, but for others it provides a home for a few years and an investment for many more.

Real estate has long been considered one of the best investments you can make and a custom home provides a unique opportunity to maximize on the financial potential behind those walls. If you are building a custom home, but know that you will be selling the home at some point in the future, there are many things you can do to maximize the resale value of the home.

Considerations For Maximizing Retail

Choosing the right upgrades and making calculated decisions as you build can all play a role in the future value and appeal of your custom home. Take the time to understand what future buyers may look for in a home to help guide you as you make design decisions. Here are some upgrades and considerations to help you get the most for your money when you decide to sell.

Energy Efficiency And Eco-Friendly Elements

Colorado is known for being environmentally conscious and a growing number of homebuyers are looking for homes that have chosen eco-friendly materials and upgrades or ones that have invested into making the home more energy efficient. As you choose the features of your home, try to make selections that are designed to conserve energy and resources to create a healthier environment within the house. From windows to appliances, there are countless ways to achieve this.

Upgraded Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms of a home for both living and selling. From aesthetics to functionality, the design of a kitchen can be a deciding factor for potential homebuyers. When you choose the appliances, cabinetry, layout, storage, and finishes of your kitchen, think about investing into the features that will provide you the best return when you sell.

High Quality Flooring

Another key area for securing long-term value in your custom home is to invest into the most used surface: flooring. Flooring may not seem like a major concern, but it can have a significant impact on the condition and appearance of the home. Potential buyers often shy away from houses that will need new flooring throughout, because of the cost that comes with it. Rather than choosing flooring that will need to be replaced in just a matter of years, opt for a higher quality option that will last through to the next owners.

Sufficient Storage

The amount of usable storage space is another key selling feature for any custom home. Storage adds functionality to specific areas such as the bedrooms, the garage, and the kitchen, but it also provides an overall commodity that most buyers are looking for. According to a study performed by Zillow, closets are the 2nd most requested amenity for a home since 2013 and the demand won’t likely change in 2020 and the years after.

Open-Concept Floor Plans

Just as buyers are looking for ample storage, they’re also looking to maximize on the amount of livable space in the home. One of the most effective ways to make the most of your space, regardless of the square footage, is to choose an open-concept floor plan. Homes with open layouts are in high demand for housing markets across the country and homebuilders have seen the value in meeting that demand.

Smart Home Technology

A popular trend for custom homes is integrating smart home technology to add convenience and luxury. Smart technology allows people to control anything from lighting to temperature all from an app on their mobile device. While technological upgrades can be viewed as an unnecessary extravagance, future buyers might view it as a key selling point.

At NoCO Custom Homes, we are committed to providing customers with a custom home that is carefully crafted to meet the current needs and desires of our clients, while being careful to make quality choices that will maximize the value of their home for years to come. To learn more about building a custom home in Northern Colorado, call us today at (970) 581-0481.

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