Features To Consider For Your Luxury Custom Home

If you are building a luxury custom home in Timnath, you have the opportunity to customize every aspect of the space to create the home of your dreams. Modern luxury goes beyond the extravagance that it was once characterized by and extends into the ultimate comforts that go into transforming a nice house into a luxury home.

The definition of a luxury home varies significantly, however in a custom home luxury is primarily dependent upon the individual preferences and taste of the homeowner. For some, luxury is created through high-end finishes and hard-to-find materials, while others find luxury in amenities that will enhance the comfort of home.

Although the specific selections of each home will vary, there are many worthwhile features to consider for the design of your custom home. These luxury features, along with countless others, can enhance your design and help you create a home luxuriously customized to your interests and lifestyle.

Innovative Technology

Technology is available for nearly everything in this day and age and home features are no exception. There are countless products than can be seamlessly integrated into the design and construction of your home to make your home smarter and add convenient luxury. To truly set your custom home apart from the others, consider smart home technology features such as home automation systems, smart thermostats, Wi-Fi capable appliances or electronics, built-in speakers or audio equipment, home security systems, voice control assistants, or even built-in USB outlets. Technology can be incorporated into any area of your home from the shower to the kitchen to give your home a touch of contemporary opulence

Well-Equipped Kitchen

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home, a place where family connects and friends feel welcomed. In a luxury home, the kitchen offers an array of possibilities to create a space that will truly bring life to the home or be the life of the party. In open concept homes, especially, the kitchen often becomes a focal point for design and décor, in addition to a central gathering place. Taking your custom kitchen to a more luxurious level can easily be done through a variety of distinctive must-have features such as commercial grade appliances, large kitchen islands, built in appliances, high end fixtures, and so much more.

Outdoor Living

Building a custom home in Northern Colorado provides you with over 300 days of sunshine to enjoy outside your home just as much as you do inside. Luxury isn’t limited to the features and finishes you can incorporate within the walls; in Colorado, you can easily extend luxury to outdoors. With a custom home, you can create a front or back yard that is designed to impress regardless if you choose to have a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen, an inviting living area with an outdoor fireplace, or a seamless connection between the patio and interior of your home.

Personal Gym

With the flexibility to make the most out of your home, adding a personal gym allows you to make the most out of your time. Home gyms are often left for the garage or the basement where cold and concrete often keep you from reaching your goals. In a custom home, however, a personal gym can be tailored to fit whatever form of fitness you prefer and designed to create a place where you feel comfortable and motivated. From drinking fountains to mirrored walls and the equipment you prefer, the luxury of having a gym in your home is well worth the weight.

Spa Master Bathroom

Nothing says indulgence like the ability to enjoy a spa-like retreat in the comfort of your own home. Instead of the typical 5-piece bath, upgrade your master bathroom to provide you with the relaxing luxury you need to relax, refresh, and revive. Over-sized bathtub, multiple showerheads, heated flooring, built-in music systems or essential oil reservoirs can all be designed to give you the dreamiest of bathrooms.

Luxury is defined as a state of great comfort and extravagant living, but at NoCO Custom Homes, we specialize in creating homes that will fit your own definition of luxury. To learn more about crafting the custom home of your dreams, contact us today.

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