Differences Between Custom Home Builders And Production Builders

The housing market across Northern Colorado is both tight and competitive, limiting the opportunities for homebuyers to find a house that will fulfill their wish list and have all their must-haves. For those struggling to find a home with everything they need and want, building a home provides a perfect alternative. Building a new home affords a greater level of customization so that you don’t find yourself settling for a house that has most of what you want.

When building a new home, there are two primary routes to take: working with a custom homebuilder or with production builders. Before you pick a lot and sign a contract with either, take the time to consider the differences between the two. Understanding what each has to offer and the benefits of working with one over the other can make a significant difference in helping you get the house that you’ve dreamed of.

What Is A Custom Home Builder?

The name says it best: custom homebuilders create homes that can be fully customized to your specific needs and desires. Working with a custom builder truly allows you the freedom to create the home of your dreams. From floor plans and square footage to lighting fixtures and appliances and everything else in between, there are no pre-defined selections with a custom builder.

What Is A Production Builder?

Production builders also allow you to build the home of your dreams, but at a semi-customizable level. Production builders often build hundreds of homes at a time but still offer buyers a better opportunity of getting the home that they want, rather than a home that has most of what they need.

Top Advantages To Working With A Custom Builder

With a production builder, you can choose the finishes and fixtures of the home from the beginning leaving you with a turnkey house ready for your belongings. However, there is a limit to the customization options available to you. By choosing a custom builder for your new home in Northern Colorado, you gain a number of advantages such as:

  • Creating A Truly Unique Home: Custom builders offer the opportunity to create a home from scratch designed to your individual specifications and taste. With a production builder, you will be able to customize the home to a certain extent, but you will be limited to their list of available options and selections.
  • Flexibility In Floor Plans: With a custom builder you have a number of options for choosing the right floor plan. You can work alongside their preferred architect or use your own architect to have custom plans drawn up. You can also select an existing floor plan available from the builder and use it as is or modify it to fit your needs. Production builders typically offer a number of set floor plans to choose from providing some flexibility, but those plans typically cannot be modified or reworked.
  • Countless Design Choices: With a custom home, you aren’t limited to a set of options for flooring, paint, or fixtures. Working with a custom builder provides you the freedom to choose whatever you want for your home from the smallest detail to the biggest decision. Working with a production builder, you will be able to make individual selections for your home for a wide range of details, however you may be limited to a select menu of options.
  • Collaborate With Your Builder: The nature of a custom home building process allows you to have as much input as you want. It allows you the opportunity to be involved with every step of the way, working alongside your builder to truly create your own dream home.
  • Personalized Service And Support: Many custom builders focus on crafting one-of-a-kind homes at a smaller volume, rather than mass-producing an entire neighborhood of similar homes. Because of this, custom builders can provide you with a greater quality of service from start to finish. Custom builders often seek to build a relationship with their clients to ensure that the process is open, honest, and positive.
  • Build Where You Want: With a production build, you can choose the neighborhood and the lot, but you don’t have the flexibility to build wherever you want. Custom homes can be built on land that you already own or on a piece of land purchased in the location you desire.

At NoCO Custom Homes, our goal is to exceed your expectations and build you the home of your dreams. We work with you from the initial design through to a one-year builder warranty striving to make the building process a positive and memorable experience that culminates in the home that has everything you need and everything you want. Contact us today!

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