Quick Tips For Winterizing Your Home

Winter Home

The leaves are changing colors, the morning air is becoming crisp and the days are getting shorter. Winter is coming!

The fall season is often a crowd favorite in Colorado. It can be short-lived, but well worth spending time outdoors. With daily temperatures still reaching mid-70s and strikingly beautiful colors popping from the yellow and red fall leaves, it is one of the best times to spend out in your yard.

While you are playing outside, be sure to also prepare your house for winter. Not only will following some of these tips help reduce your home’s energy bill but will protect the longevity of some of your home’s features. Follow this handy list to help protect your home for the cool winter months that are rapidly approaching.

  • Prepare for snow removal. Buy a shovel or snowblower now so you will be ready to keep your sidewalk and driveway dry when the first snow hits.
  • Clean your gutters. The winter snowfall and melt will keep your gutters very busy in the upcoming months. Be sure to clean your gutters and downspouts out mid-fall and then double-check them right before winter begins.
  • Make your home draft resistant. Examine your windows and doors for gaps where warm air can escape. Install storm doors and double paned windows. Use caulk or weather-stripping to seal any open cracks.
  • Dust off your heater. Is your heater still working? Replace the filter in your furnace and start up your heating system before the first cold snap hits to be sure it still works.
  • Shut off your sprinkler system. Sprinklers and pipes are at risk of freezing once temperatures drop below 32 degrees. Shut off the water supply to your lawn irrigation system and drain the pipes before the first freeze strikes.
  • Protect your plants. Monitor the temperatures at night and bring any potted plants indoors before the temperatures dip below 45 degrees.

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