Surprise! It’s a Trick Door.

Love a good surprise? Why not design one in your home! Of the countless custom features that can be added into the design of a home, one that we find most intriguing are secret doors. With a little bit of creative engineering applied, the implementation of trick doors can make for some exciting hidden rooms and serve as a great space saver!

Here are a few concepts for inspiration that you can consider having NoCO Custom Homes design into you home:

Secret Spice Rack! – A secret sliding drawer built into the wall of an open doorway/walkway is the ultimate kitchen space saver! It can be used to store for a variety of spices and sauces making for an easy way to access these items and create more space in your cabinets.

The Classic Book Shelf Door – A great design for our reading enthusiasts! If you haven’t seen one in person, perhaps you have seen photos of them before. The concept pulls from a classic design of building bookshelves into the wall of a home. But the twist is that one of the doors pushes open to a secret room!

Underground Wine Cellar – You know you have made it in life when you have a secret wine cellar filled with your favorite bottles! There are many ways to implement a hidden access point into an underground cellar. A simple one is done using your flooring as the door.

Pantry Meets Dryer/Washer – Want to pretend like your piles of laundry don’t exist? Try hiding them behind a secret laundry room! Using a swinging door that acts as a wall with shelves is a great way to utilize space on the side of your kitchen for storing food and can double as an access point into the laundry room.

Harry Potter Closet – Do you have some extra unused space underneath your staircase? Build a mini door underneath your stairs that leads to every kid’s magical play-space. No parents allowed!

These are just a few examples of what can be done with secret doors. Do you have any creative ideas of your own? We would love to hear them! Give us a call at (970) 581-0481.

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