What square footage is right for you?

determine custom home square footage

When it comes to designing your ideal custom-built home, what do you envision? Open spaces? Exposed wooden beams? A large kitchen to host friends and family? In the dreaming state, the options are seemingly limitless.

However, when it’s time to turn these dreams into a reality, it is important to zero in on what your true needs are. Surprisingly, settling on a square-footage for your home is easier said than done. Here are some things to consider when deciding what square-footage is right for you:

Size of Lot Matters

  • Spend – Long before the design and build of your home takes shape, the first step is securing a plot of land to build on. The cost for land should be included in your overall budget and should not exceed 20-25% of your budget. Location and size of the lot will factor into the overall cost of your land.
  • Acreage – The size, shape and location of your lot will affect the final square footage and design of your home. No two plots of land are the same and it is important to factor in what combination of indoor to outdoor space will meet your needs.

More rooms, more space. What are your “must have’s”?

  • When considering what size home you would like, start by making a list of every type of room you need (or want) to include in the design. How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need? Would you like a formal dining room or an eat-in kitchen? Do you want a home-gym or a home theater? Each additional feature will equate to more space needed.


  • Money, money, money. Budget is always a factor, regardless of the amount available to spend. When considering the ideal size of your home, keep in mind that additional square footage is not the only feature that adds to the overall cost of your home. Features like unique architectural designs and specialty selections for the interior design will all add to your end cost. Balancing your budget is tricky but important to plan for every step of the way.

When working with NoCO Custom Homes, finding the square footage that is right for you is one of our top priorities. In knowing that each client’s needs are different, we know that the answer will not be developed over night. We take the time to meet extensively with our clients and get a good understanding of what their visions and needs are. From there, taking budget and space into consideration, we work closely with our architects to design a home specific to the parameters set for the square footage, price and size of the lot.

Interested in finding out what square footage is right for your needs? We would love to talk! Call us at 970-581-0481.