Lighting is uniquely able to affect the mood and ambiance of any room, making it one of the most important elements to consider in the design of your Northern Colorado custom home. To complement both the beauty from natural light and the interior design of the home, light fixtures can be used to complete the aesthetic appeal of any room and brands like Visual Comfort take that to a whole other level. 

Selecting the right lighting for your interior design goes beyond finding a pretty lamp or fixture. Lighting fixtures can be chosen to reflect your own personal style impacting the look and feel of your home transforming a beautiful house into a home, designed uniquely for you.  At NoCO Custom Homes, we work closely with our clients to ensure that every selection in their home is crafted to bring their vision to life. From layout and floor plan through to the smallest detail, our aim is to make the home your own. 

visual comfort chandelier colorado home entryway

In this beautiful home, our team at NoCO Custom Homes had the privilege of working with our client’s desire to integrate a variety of ornate light fixtures throughout the design. Selected almost exclusively from high-end lighting brand Visual Comfort, these unique fixtures were carefully chosen to not only complement personal design style but to make a visual statement in each room of the home.  

Visual Comfort offers a wide range of light fixtures with natural materials and distinctive finishes to bring a designer look to any room of the home. For this home, Visual Comfort fixtures were chosen in the entryway, office, kitchen, bedrooms, and even the bathrooms, lighting up each room in a unique and distinctive way. 

The most impressive is this stunning entryway chandelier. With 20 lights, this 28-inch aged iron pendant ceiling light accents the modern black painted door providing the home with a modern gallery feel from the moment guests walk in. It also offers a complement to custom bender rail at the interior staircase and can be seen from the beautiful front office. 

To balance the artistry of the entryway chandelier, this pendant with an antique zinc finish and white glass shade offers classic sophistication to the home office. The finish also pairs well with the hardware and built-in lights of the custom cabinetry creating a cohesive design. 

visual comfort light fixture colorado home office

In the kitchen, our client made a more contemporary selection to match the finishes of the plumbing fixtures and appliances. These two polished nickel pendants sit over the kitchen island creating a bright contrast to the richness of the cabinetry in the great room. 

visual comfort kitchen island lighting visual comfort master bedroom light fixture

The bedrooms and bathrooms were no exception and decorative focal points from Visual Comfort were also chosen to complete the design of each. Three glass pendants were carefully selected to enhance the spa-like elegance of the master bathroom, while glass sconces were chosen to maintain a similar feel in the guest bathrooms. To complete the overall design of the home, a cylinder pendant chandelier was selected as a focal point in the master bedroom. With ambient lighting surrounding it, light bounces off its crisp white shade while also illuminating the room from within it. 




Working with our team at NoCO Custom Homes allows you to customize any aspect of your home’s design. Whether you want unique tile or ornate lighting fixtures, we work with you to build the home of your dreams. Contact us today to learn more about the possibilities for your Northern Colorado custom home. 

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