As a custom homebuilder, the term “home office” has taken on a whole new meaning.

For most, a home office is simply a space within the house at which work can be done, but for us at NoCO Custom Homes, our home is our office and our office is our home. It is the place where we work, the place where we showcase our work, and the place where we are able to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

By intertwining our home and office, we have had the privilege of building a place where we can combine our passions, our success, our dreams, and our family. And a place where we have the privilege of doing the same for others.

Over the years, our home office has evolved as our business has grown. What started in a corner at a small condo has progressed to a dedicated office and workshop where we are able to extend the reach of the service we aim to provide. Working from within our own dream home has given us the honor of building dream homes for others and building relationships in the process.

Having a home office provides flexibility, convenience, and even increased productivity. For us, these advantages and many others have allowed us to build our business and craft our own dreams from the ground up.

From humble beginnings, we are proud of the progression our home offices have taken and we are blessed with the opportunities still to come. Through discipline and dedication, we have grown, but the dream behind NoCO Custom Homes has remained the same from the small corner where we started to the 3,500 square foot office space we have now.

Our NoCO Custom Homes Home Offices


Our first NoCO Custom Homes office was a built-in desk along one wall in our first condo. The wall behind our computer screens didn’t provide much of a view, but the vision behind the business pushed us to look beyond that wall.

It’s at this desk that we designed our first client home, our first personal home, and set the foundation for the business we are today. From this office, we built the home that would allow us to showcase the potential behind our work for future clients. From here, we made decisions that allowed our business to grow and develop such as Jason leaving Larimer County Sheriff’s Office to focus on building custom homes full-time. It’s here that we chose to purchase our first work truck that would advertise our business as we drove to home sites and around the community.

From a picture, this built-in desk may not seem like much, but this home office was a cornerstone for so much more.


Our second NoCO Custom Homes office was a key aspect of the floor plan for our first custom-built personal home. This office provided us with a space where we could meet with potential clients to discuss the dreams and visions of their own homes. It allowed us to explore new opportunities within the homebuilding industry that challenged us to improve our building skills.

From this office, we had the distinct privilege of becoming a building partner with Homes For Our Troops, an organization that builds mortgage-free, specially adapted homes for severely injured Veterans to enable them to rebuild their lives. Building a house that would meet the needs of a fellow Marine while creating a home that would meet the dreams of his family will be one of the greatest things accomplished from any of our home offices.

At this office, NoCO Custom Homes was blessed to a point where Dani made the decision to leave her job as a nurse and take on the role of caring for our clients. This office is also where we designed our second personal home that would further showcase our growth as builders


Our third NoCO Custom Homes office was designed to offer both our clients and ourselves a degree of separation between home and office. With its own exterior entrance, this office allowed us to bring our business to the forefront and let our home become a tangible testimonial to the quality of work beyond the office.

While running our business from here, we received the honor of winning a 1St Place Peoples Choice Award for Best Custom Homebuilder in Northern Colorado (2018) and a 2nd Place Award for Best Custom Homebuilder from NOCO Style Magazine.

Our third home office was a product of growth and a launching place for greater development while allowing us the freedom to work together as a husband and wife team making the most of both our work and personal time. This flexibility has made it possible for us to provide our clients with a better home-building experience, one that will make the most of their time as we work together to create the home of their dreams.


Our fourth NoCO Custom Homes office takes a great step forward in the future of our business. This office and workshop space is part of our third personal home, but one that also stands independently. Here we are still able to work from home, while providing a better space to meet with clients, contractors, and vendors. Building a custom home provides people with countless opportunities from the smallest detail in design to the largest consideration for architecture; with a space that is solely dedicated to business, we have a greater ability to guide our clients through those decisions and ensure that the building process is everything that they hoped for.

Our new, and much bigger, home office makes it easier for us to discuss the possibilities from working with us, but the view from our desk is no longer a wall, it is the realization of the vision that has driven us to where we are today.

NoCO Custom Homes thanks each client and family that has entrusted us to build the Northern Colorado custom home of their dreams, who in turn have allowed us to build the business of ours.

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