Colorado is continually ranked as one of the top ten healthiest states in the country. Here, health-conscious choices go beyond picking organic foods and leading active lifestyles; it extends into the thumbprint we leave on the planet and the impact made on our health.

As a trusted local custom homebuilder in Fort Collins, NoCO Custom Homes is dedicated to building healthy custom homes that will set the tone for a higher quality of life. More than just eye-catching aesthetics and spacious floor plans, our homes are constructed with high-quality materials to ensure the best indoor air quality for your family’s health and to guarantee our homes will last a lifetime.

The Importance Of Indoor Air Quality In Your Home

Poor indoor air quality is ranked by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as one of the largest environmental risks to public health. Surprisingly, some of the worst polluters of the air you breathe are found within the home, with many of these pollutants coming from the materials used during construction.

Dust, mold, mildew, pollen, asbestos, VOCs, radon, bacteria, and more can migrate into the air from poor-quality building materials such as insulation, sealants, adhesives, and paint. Harmful toxins and airborne particles from these materials are inhaled and passed into the bloodstream, aggravating health conditions such as asthma and allergies or causing symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, nausea, dry eyes, and nasal congestion.

With some of the worst air quality found within your home, finding solutions to improve the air you breathe can make a difference in you how you breathe, feel, and even sleep. By choosing to build a custom home with NoCO Custom Homes, you are choosing a home that is constructed with the highest quality materials to eliminate the possibility of lingering pollutants and toxins. Researchers estimate that the air within the average home is five to ten times more polluted than the air outdoors, but we are dedicated to making your home the exception.

Building Healthier Homes In Northern Colorado

At NoCO Custom Homes, we work hard to select materials, finishes, and features that will ensure efficiency, but more importantly support the health and well-being of your family. Some of the ways we accomplish this include:

  • Avoiding harmful materials: From insulation and adhesives to flooring and paint (and everything in between), we exclusively select materials that guarantee the health of your home long after you’ve moved in. For clients who want an extremely “clean” home, we can customize finishes with products that have certain certifications that go above and beyond the normal requirements.
  • Higher standards for standard features: We work with trusted material suppliers to guarantee a higher level of quality as a standard feature. Feel free to reach out for a list of the materials and features we have committed to providing each and every client.
  • High-quality HVAC: Whether you choose a standard or custom HVAC system, we ensure that it’s designed to reduce the risk of circulating poor air quality throughout your home. Many high-end HVAC systems come with built-in air filtration mechanisms that can filter out even the smallest of particles that might be floating around in the air!
  • Checking the ground on your lot: We want to create a solid foundation for your home, but we also need to be sure that water will be able to flow away in order to prevent excess moisture in the foundation, walls, insulation, or even roofing. Moisture with nowhere to go can cause mold, mildew, and more, so we thoroughly inspect each lot before deciding to build.
  • Options for better air quality: Our standard features provide strong resistance to poor air quality, but we want you to feel confident that the air quality in your home won’t worsen over time. We can incorporate a variety of additional protection options including upgraded HVAC, ventilation, and air purification systems. Or at a minimum, include plenty of windows or fans in the design to let fresh air circulate naturally.
  • Commitment to quality: From material selection throughout construction and up until we hand over the keys, we maintain a commitment to safe, trustworthy practices. We make every effort to ensure that your home is built with excellence and care, reducing the risk of harmful pollutants lingering within the walls of your custom home.

At NoCO Custom Homes, every home we build includes features and materials designed to conserve energy and resources while providing a better, healthier environment for you and your family. Contact us today to learn more about building a home that will support better indoor air quality for years to come.

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