When finding a home, prospective buyers will often search for the house that suits their specific style, needs, budget, and area preferences, but the hard and unfortunate truth is that many of these buyers have to make concessions when purchasing a regular home. While they may end up with something close to what they want, most homeowners know that they will need to do a little tweaking whether they purchased an existing home or are using a builder’s standard floor plan. So why build a custom home? We’re going to break down the top five reasons you may want to take the custom route and avoid these common roadblocks. 


You’re Free to Think Outside the Box 

We’re sure you’ve come across charming homes that have unique qualities and characteristics, but finding character in a home has become more of a pleasant surprise rather than an expectation for most potential buyers. However, when you build a custom home, you can be as creative as you want! You’re free to think outside the box and play around with the dimensions of the home to create a space that reflects your personality. Maybe you want to create a movie theater with a built-in popcorn bar or you’ve been dreaming about an in-home sauna. There are no rules when it comes to what you want (except occasional structural ones) and the right builders will creatively problem solve to get as close as they can to what you want. 


Your Money Will Be Spent Exactly How You Choose

When you buy an existing house, you may end up spending money to upgrade or restructure things that require immediate attention rather than spending money to make your home exactly what you want. While you may think, “Why build a custom home when it’s going to be more expensive?”, this isn’t always the case; it doesn’t have to drain your budget. In a custom home build, your money will be spent cultivating your dream home, but you’ll also be able to choose right from the start what you want to save and splurge on. 


Your Home Will Fit Your Family’s Specific Needs

Every single family is different, which means that every single home is going to work differently depending on who lives within. Maybe you need a designated homeschool space or a special mudroom that will allow you to easily tend to your fur babies. A custom home won’t just offer you what you and your family need to live well, it will also offer you a functioning home that you will enjoy growing in. 


You’ll Know Every Inch of Your Home – Down to the Studs

One of the worst feelings as a potential buyer or a new homeowner is when you’re interested in a home or have already purchased one and then you’re hit with some unfortunate surprise: the fireplace has sustained some sort of settling damage and is now unusable, the plumbing won’t heat water for your shower, the asbestos in the walls is standing between you and the office addition that you’ve been planning…the list goes on. But when you build a custom home, you’ll know all about the lot that you’re building on, and every element of the home will be brand new. Why build a custom home, you ask? Because the comfort of knowing that there aren’t any sneaking costs hiding beneath the floorboards is truly unbeatable. 


You Don’t Have to Wait Forever for Your Forever Home

Most people believe that they can’t have their forever home until they’re well into retirement and beyond, so they bounce around from home to home and make little updates along the way. The good news is that you don’t actually have to live a whole life before achieving your forever dream home. If you know which area you want to be in and what you’ll want in a long-term home, then you can start planning today! And if you have any questions about the process, reach out to us. We believe in fostering futures as well as building homes, and we can help you nail down your “why” when you start to wonder, “Why build a custom home?”.  

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