Meet Jason Jones – Owner

Jason Jones, NoCO Custom Homes Builder

Former Marine Corps Sergeant turned Custom Home Builder, Jason Jones turned his childhood passion for drawing floor plans into the real deal. NoCO Custom Homes was built from scratch using determination, dedication and passion.

Jason and his wife Dani serve as a powerhouse as they build strong relationships with each client helping to bring their dream home to fruition.

Recently, Jason Jones gave us some insight into how their business began:

  1. What led you to pursue a career in building custom homes?

“I’ve always had a passion for real estate.  When I was a kid, I would draw floor plans for fun and try to understand how 3D spaces could be visualized on a piece of paper. Following my career in the Marine Corps, I dabbled in rental properties, fix-and-flips and remodeling. However, none of those sectors really satisfied my creative desire to create something special. I never really thought of building new homes until I met another builder through a friend of a friend and then it just clicked. I loved reading blueprints, figuring out how the whole project comes together and collaborating with industry professionals to create a shared vision from nothing. I knew almost instantly that this is what I was meant to do.”

  1. What is the single biggest lesson you learned during your time serving in the Marine Corps that helps influence your current career?

“Discipline. The Marine Corps instills discipline in you from day one. Both Dani and I work incredibly hard to get our clients exactly what they want in their home and to make sure they have an awesome build experience. Without discipline in our work habits, we wouldn’t be where we are today and certainly wouldn’t have built the reputation that we have.”

  1. What is your involvement in the process of building custom homes?

“I’m the first person our clients interact with whether that’s a phone call, email, text message or a face-to-face meeting. I help educate and guide our clients from the very beginning all the way through design, build and warranty. I’m the main point of contact and resource to turn to with questions and needs. I am also closely involved with our superintendent on every detail of every job on a daily basis. I’m typically still on each site every day when I’m not in new client meetings or handling other affairs of the business. Our clients get a lot of face time with both Dani and I and that’s what makes our business special. We love spending time with our clients to see out their vision of their dream home.”

  1. With each new project that you tackle, where do you turn to for inspiration on the overall design of a new home?

“Dani.  She has evolved from a Pediatric Nurse Manager to a Custom Home Builder-Designer seemingly overnight and has done so with such confidence and ease. She makes it look easy but I know that’s only because of the endless hours and passion she pours into her work. When she’s not in selection meetings with our clients, or at the computer designing each home you can likely find her in the tub scrolling through the latest Pinterest and Instagram photo’s for inspiration.”

  1. What is your greatest piece of advice that you would give someone who wants to build a custom home?

“Give yourself enough time to enjoy the process.  The minimum amount of time I would recommend for the entire process is ten months – that is if the stars align and everything goes smooth. Twelve months is more realistic. We LOVE it when our clients have even greater than twelve months BUT we are not afraid of a deadline either. With enough time to plan, design and build a home, the process can be a lot of fun. We recently had a set of clients that came back to us after we built their home and told us they loved the process so much that they want to start designing their next house for the vacant lot next door.”


Our mission is to help you build YOUR custom dream home. Contact us today to get started!

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