NoCO Custom Homes customized gym

When designing your dream home, there is a lot to consider! Sure, you need to plan space around the necessities like including a kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms. But have you considered dedicating space for a home gym?

Let your fitness take priority when dreaming up your new life in your custom-built home! As you begin planning, consider the following key factors so that you can create an at-home gym that you will actually use!

Location, location, location.

  • Consider the noise! Between the equipment, pump-up music and casual lifting grunts, gyms can be loud. Basements can be an optimal location for gyms as they are tucked away and on the lowest level floor so that pounding can’t be heard throughout the house.
  • Need some views? Homes in Colorado typically benefit from having beautiful views. Consider placing your gym in a spot that overlooks the mountains, greenery and trees, a lake or water feature, or simply an open outdoor space that allows light to trickle in.
  • Motivation station. If you typically need some help getting motivated to work out, consider placing your gym on the main level in a highly visible location to help keep fitness top of mind!

Asses your household needs.

  • Who will be using the gym? Your gym should be friendly and approachable for anybody who needs to use it! Even if you have a wide range of ages in your household or plan on having friends over for a workout, design your gym to cater to everyone’s needs. Consider installing a multi-use floor (like a commercial rubber gym floor) that will provide comfort and stability to a wide variety of activities.
  • Type of workout. Heavy lifting? Yoga? Endurance? Hone the types of workouts that are m
    ost likely to get you moving and motivated! And remember – less is more. You don’t have to include it all.

Cater to your style!

  • Aesthetics matter. Breaking a sweat is as much about improving your fitness as it is about maintaining strong mental health. Create a space that is welcoming, invigorating and aligns with the style of the rest of your home.

NoCO Custom homes loves working on specialty rooms like at-home gyms. If you are dreaming big about committing to your fitness at home, let us help you refine your vision! Call (970) 571-0481 and talk to Jason or Dani for more information.

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