After so much time was spent at home over the past year, you might find yourself dreaming of a new house for this new year and those yet to come. Finding a house in your desired location with everything you need and all the things you want can be challenging to say the least, unless you chose to build it rather than buy it.

The idea of building a custom home may seem daunting, but doing so can provide you with the opportunity to truly make it your own. If you are considering building your next home, there are several factors that could influence your decision. Taking the time to contact a respected custom home builder in Northern Colorado will provide you with the most accurate information for your individual home, but here are some basic pros and cons of building a custom home for you to consider:


Pros of Building A Custom Home

1. Complete Customization: Building a house from the ground up makes it possible for you to personalize nearly every aspect of the home. From size to layout, cabinetry to fixtures, paint colors through to doorknobs, customization is possible at every step of the way making the home a complete representation of your own personal style. 

2. Control Over What Goes Into Your Home: A custom-built home gives you the power to choose exactly what you get in your home. It allows you to prioritize the current needs of your family and lifestyle, while also planning for the future. You have control over your budget and as a result, you control what areas you compromise in and what areas you splurge on.

3. Maximum Functionality: As you customize and prioritize what goes into your home, you can ensure that it is built to cater to your lifestyle. Your home is designed uniquely for you and not anyone else, maximizing the usable space of the home to fit your needs.

4. No Competition: When you buy a home, you inevitably face competition from other homebuyers. You may find the perfect house, but you’ll have to put in an offer that will beat out other bidders in order to get it. By building a home, you can avoid the disappointment that comes from losing a home to a better offer.

5. Lower Energy and Maintenance Costs: New homes offer the latest in energy-efficient systems, appliances, and fixtures reducing the cost of running and maintaining your home. You can also find reassurance in the quality of the materials used to create a safe and healthy environment for your family.

6. Desired Location: Your home is built on the exact location of your choosing. Whether you own a lot already or are looking for the perfect piece of land, your home will be located exactly where you want it. When you buy a home, you may not find something for sale in the exact location you hope for or you might not find the type of home you need in that specific area.


Cons Of Building A Custom Home

1. Longer Wait: Building a custom home can take anywhere from 6-8 months to complete if everything goes according to plan. In comparison, the average closing timeframe for buying a home is 45 days.

2. Decisions, Decisions: In order to completely customize a home, you will have to make a wide range of both big and small decisions. You will need to invest time into making your selections and choosing the features, finishes, and materials that will make the home your own. These decisions, however, are what will transform a house into your dream home, and at NoCO Custom Homes we have a designated Selections Coordinator who will walk you through the entire process to make it much less daunting!

3. Landscaping May Not Be Included: More often than not, landscaping is not included in the cost of building the home creating additional work or costs. Depending on the location of your lot, you may also face a limited timeframe in which landscaping must be completed. Thankfully, your builder can provide you with referrals to trusted landscaping businesses that can complete your home in a timely manner with beautiful design and your budget in mind.

4. Fluctuation In Costs: During the building process, you may be forced to adjust your budget or reassess your selections from time to time. Materials may change in price or you might fall in love with a fixture, appliance, or upgrade that costs more. With the budget in your own control, you can make the adjustments necessary to accommodate fluctuations or changes.


For more detailed information on the advantages of building a custom home in Northern Colorado or to help you decide if building a custom home is right for you, contact a member of our team at NoCO Custom Homes today!

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